Rustam’s sister

A brother and sister hungry for Jesus

Rustam was a part of our small Bible study in a university in the capital city. He was spiritually hungry and always eager to learn. During the semester break, Rustam went home to see his family. Upon resuming classes, and our weekly Bible study, he asked for a new New Testament, as his sister took his old one. We immediately jumped t the conclusion that he faced some harassment at home and his elder sister confiscated the book so he could not have it. But Rustam went on to tell us the whole story:

“Actually, my sister is a big fan of Jesus” he said. “She has been collecting music, books, art and anything else she could find as she’s had an interest in Jesus for a long time now. She even took my New Testament…”

We were overjoyed!

Rustam wasn’t facing a mild form of persecution at all. Instead, God was working in his sister’s heart at the exact same time her brother was growing in faith and discovering new live in Christ while away at university.

How to Pray

  • Pray for Rustam to grow in faith and truly give his whole life to Christ.
  • Pray that his sister, who we have not yet met, would come to faith as well.
  • Ask God for many young people like Rustam to have open hearts and be hungry for the Good News. And pray they would meet Believers who could study Scripture together with them, pray for them and lead them closer to Jesus.

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